Chasing the Canyon with NoCheez Chickpea Crackers

Chasing the Canyon with NoCheez Chickpea Crackers

August 14, 2017

Earlier this month our good friend Azzah Ahmad took off on a Spirit Quest; an outlandish journey not for the faint of heart, to experience something many dream of, in a time frame unreasonable to most. 

We asked Azzah to recap her adventure and send a few photos our way. Warning: You may experience some serious FOMO.

When I saw the event show up on Chasing Sunrise’s Facebook Page, I was determined to go. My life has been filled with so much adventure this past year, and it’s become difficult to say, “No, I can’t.” to just about anything.  So, it wasn’t a surprise to my family when I told them, "I’m driving to the Grand Canyon to watch the sunrise."

Off we went, all 9 cars full of the raddest human beings I've ever met. But first, we snacked!  I was talking about the No Cheeze Chickpea Crackers with my friend Wendy, and she said it best when describing them, “They feel light and airy.” It’s hard to find snacks that don’t make you crash, and so we were thankful we had these crackers on hand!

The drive to the Grand Canyon and back (5,000km round trip) is somewhat of a mystical blur. From the unexpected stop at the Bonneville Salt Flats, to the impromptu dip in a roadside lake, to all the laughter, tears, and hugs that make an adventure complete, I can say, without a doubt, that this road trip was absolutely meant to be.

Heading towards the Canyon, and watching the sunrise with your loved ones surrounding you is nothing short of magical. The air stands still. The sky lights up with the smiles of your friends watching the perfect circle rise gently upward. For a moment, every little stress, every expense of yours, every heartache, every breakup, every emotion that says “What am I doing with my life?” does not matter. Because what you see is the simplicity of happiness. You, those you love, and a beautiful sunrise.

Check out Azzah on Instagram @lifeaziknowit_101 for more outlandish inspiration! Here's to living vibrantly through the power of people and good food!