KAPOW! NOW You Know: Cocoa

August 14, 2017


Cocoa / a gift from Mother Nature herself

Origin: French Guiana, Puerto Rico, Mexico  

Family: Theobroma Cacao Tree

Affirmation: I rejoice in my femaleness. I love being a woman. I love my body.

The Incas considered Cocoa to be a drink from the God’s. We can agree at KAPOW because we praise the benefits of our Chocolate Glop. Cocoa has nearly 4x more antioxidants than processed dark chocolate, so during those times of chocolate cravings grab some Chocolate Glop and reap all the health benefits. Ladies, drinking a hot cup of cocoa goodness before meals, as it will help you shed fat, due to the MAO inhibitors found in cocoa. These MAO inhibitors are beneficial for fat loss because they allow more serotonin to circulate the brain. This magical fruit also enhances shiny hair, strong nails, and takes care of your liver as its high antioxidant properties detoxify the body. The flavonoids also help to improve skin texture and hydrates the skin. A girls best friend!

Boost Your Mood with Cocoa

  • Cocoa contains the mood booster: Anandamide
  • One of the healthiest foods you can eat; these nutrient, antioxidant packed nibs/beans will be your new best friend and source of defense against PMS for the ladies
  • The compound Anandamide creates the feeling of euphoria and is also a natural aphrodisiac
  • These beans have mood enhancing compounds that trigger the release of endorphins and pleasurable opium-like neurochemicals which enhance and improve libido WINNING!

Balance Your Hormonal Mood Swings with Cocoa

  • Boost levels of serotonin in the brain, making this amazing for PMS because serotonin levels drop during the female cycle, resulting in mood swings & hormonal imbalances
  • Eating cocoa balances hormones, and makes you feel better and of course satisfies those chocolate cravings

Protect Your Heart and Prevent Cardiovascular Disease with Cocoa

  • Cocoa contains flavonoids that act as a natural anti-inflammatory as they are loaded with powerful antioxidants
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Reduces LDL bad cholesterol levels and prevents arteries from hardening
  • Cocoa helps to prevent blood clots as it thins the blood

Prevent Premature Aging with Cocoa

  • Contain polyphenol antioxidants (also in Green Tea and Red Wine)
  • Anthocyanins (found in dark fruits; cherries) and the Catechins (found in Green tea) help to protect the cells from premature oxidation and destruction


Much love to Rebecca Hammond of Girls Get It - our go-to Nutritionist and Personal Trainer for sharing all this amazing knowledge.