People with the Pow featuring Azzah Ahmad

People with the Pow featuring Azzah Ahmad

August 03, 2017

Squeaks and squeals of excitement, pretty much sum up our time with Azzah Ahmad, one of KAPOW NOW's! incredibly inspirational People with the Pow. Recently turned 40, Azzah says she's JUST getting started, and within minutes of meeting her, you will sense her enthusiasm towards life. 

Azzah encourages people to "Be bold, or italic ... never regular." In a recent Instagram post, Azzah shared this insightful message to her followers.

Photo cred: Wendy Shepard

"BE BOLD. It won't be easy. But taking that chance to get out of your comfort zone is the place where you find yourself. It's not easy for me either. Believe me. But I refuse to stay stagnant when I know there is just so much more out there than a comfortable evening watching your favourite show. There's nothing wrong with that. But it's just not me. And so, I choose to take the chance of being bold. Even though at times it terrifies me. Because I've seen what's on the other side. And what's on the other side is worth every single drop of courage I have."

Azzah is going BOLDLY into the August long weekend, by taking a trip to the Grand Canyon. Yes, you read that right ... just a quick 5,000km jaunt to the GRAND CANYON in a weekend.

3 days
50ish hours of driving
A sh*t load of coffee
KAPOW NOW! Wanderfeast Meals and No Cheeze Chickpea Crackers
One badass road trip, she'll never want to do again, but will definitely never forget.  

She's heading off with the Chasing Sunrise crew from August 4th to 7th on Spirit Quest 2.0 - 1.0 being a weekend roadtrip to Mexico for tacos. 

A spirit quest is defined as an outlandish journey not for the faint of heart, to experience something many dream of, in a time frame unreasonable to most. 

The fact that Azzah is bold enough to take on this adventure, is one of the many reasons why we love her, and why we asked her to join the KAPOW NOW! community of likeminded go-getters, who live vibrantly! 

Check out @lifeaziknowit_101 on Instagram to follow Azzah's journey to catch the sunrise on Sunday at the Grand Canyon. We still can't get over how truly unreasonable and outlandishly amazing this trip is going to be. 

We're excited to share more about Azzah with you soon! We sat down with her to get her full story, and just you wait until we share her video interview ... and yes, it will be full of squeaks and squeals from the one and only Azzah Ahmad. 

Have you ever taken a Spirit Quest? If so where? If not, where would you drive to over a weekend?