People with the POW! Inaugural Brunch

People with the POW! Inaugural Brunch

July 26, 2017

This past Sunday KAPOW NOW! had its first ever community event, dedicated to the People with the POW! - an initiative started by our marketing squad - profiling, celebrating and connecting people whom we feel are leading the way in their own personal health and self-love journey. A real human being with that special something about them - something we all have and can tap into at any time. Power!

Over the weekend, we set up blankets, pallets, pillows, flowers and a tent underneath a beautiful willow tree in Trout Lake Park. We were joined by Erin Jay and Sofia Warrington (we'll get into more detail about who they are in future People with the POW! posts), and invited people in the park to join us for a picnic brunch curated by our founder, Tif Shen. The spread was unreal - Tif made homemade cashew milk to go with the Chia KAPOW! pudding bowls, she also made a tasty turmeric & nutritional yeast cashew spread to go with the Nocheez crackers. Oh, and who can forget the iced Mochas she made with Chocolate glop, topped with coconut whipped cream! Stay tuned for the recipes to be posted on future blog posts.

During our brunch, the Vancouver Acro Yoga Festival was happening close by, and we were joined by lots of lovely yogis curious to know what was happening beneath our white, billowing tent. All in all, it was an amazing way to spend a Sunday afternoon - getting to know the community we are building around us, having conversations surrounding life, love, wellness and balance, and getting henna tattoos done ... just another secret talent of Tif's. We really believe bringing people together in the context like this, is how we can create genuine relationships and a supportive community of people helping each other get to where we want to go.
Special thanks to Agro Coffee Roasters for hooking us up with the beans that we made the Iced Mochas with! And to Colin Brattey for shooting these beautiful photos and videos we can't wait to share.

We're planning more KAPOW NOW! events - including one on August 19th. A hike has been discussed, as well as jumping in some sort of body of water afterwards! If you'd like to be in the know, sign up for our newsletter, or follow us on our social channels where we'll make the announcement.

Happy Thursday!