Hot Cashew Cocoa

October 06, 2017

Ingredients + Tools
1 serving
1 cup/250 ml milk (I use cashew or hemp milk)
Stovetop Pot
This is the perfect hot beverage in the winter. I enjoy it in the morning before work as much as when I have it winding down in the evening. It is also an excellent treat to pass around while entertaining during the holidays or keeping winter wedding guests toasty between events.
There are two ways you can make this. I like the blender method because it gives me the best result and is faster.
1) Put milk and Chocolate Glop in blender. Blend until thoroughly mixed.
2) Transfer your chocolately milk mix to the pot and whisk the mixture over the stove until it is hot and frothy. 
3) Pour the hot chocolate into your favourite mug and enjoy!
If you are using a whisk only, heat the milk over the stove first. Add Chocolate Glop when the milk is starting to warm. Whisk the Chocolate Glop into the milk until thoroughly mixed and frothy.

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