Eat Clean. Buy Local.


Looking for healthier finds? Do you choose local when you buy foods? Even when it comes to packaged foods, buying local is the way to go. Why?

Here's the reasons:

1. Fresher  - It was made close by so likely it's getting to you right away.

2. Smaller Carbon Footprint - Your food hasn't travelled all over the place before getting to you.

3. Meet the Maker - When you buy local, the maker is your neighbor. It brings communities together when we support each others' businesses.

4. Helps Local Economy -  This means money stays in and benefits the the community.

5. More fun - Farmer's markets. Festivals. Fairs. Local independent shops. That's where you'll find local goodies and it's just way more fun!


Best Places to find Local Yummies 

1) Choices Markets

2) Be Fresh Market

3) Greens Organics

4) Bhuddaful Cafe

5) Home on the Range Organics


7) Edible Canada

8) VegExpo

9) Nourish Market

10) Bluhouse Cafe and Market


Happy scouting for local! 

Buy Local BC
This project is supported by the BC Government’s Buy Local Program; delivered by the Investment Agriculture Foundation of BC with funding from the Government of British Columbia.