Wanderfeast Meals

Heading outdoors for awhile and need something deliciously nutritious after a good day of sweaty fun? 

Or perhaps you are embarking on a longer alpine excursion and require lightweight, hearty meals as you challenge your mind and body with nature bound adventures.

Wherever you are heading, we know that having something good tasting and good for your body is important for your mind, soul, and body's performance! Our meals are made in micro batches with fresh ingredients that you know and love and then freeze dried to preserve their mouthwatering state. 

Being outdoor adventurers ourselves, we take great pride in crafting the precious fuel that feeds our fellow comrades. Whether it's rock, ice, snow, wind or water that calls to you, we've got your belly covered!

Need a custom package? We cater to groups that need a full set- breakfast, lunch, dinner, bevies, appetizers and desserts. For a quote, contact us through the contact form with your needs!


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